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networking [01 Jan 1997|12:46am]


my new community if you're in band trying to tour the midwest this may be
helpful to you.

Or if you're from the midwest and book shows then you should join to help kids out.

(give me time there should be people on there in awhile.)



[17 May 2004|12:17pm]

Hey, I kinda forgot about this community for a while. Hope everyone here is well.

I was just at a copperpot show last night. It rocked. I met the guys and had a great time. Stupid me forgot my camera cuz I wasn't really home all day and forgot... grrrrrr... still mad at myself over that one. Well I'm gonna go and I will post some details later!


[23 Jan 2004|12:55pm]

whats happening people? theres this band, and theyre called a true story. i made a community for them, and i think you should join if youre in to them. theyre insane.


and if you havent had the privilege to hear them yet, what are you waiting for?


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[29 Dec 2003|02:05am]

Who are you? AnnA

What street team are you on? PA... mostly Philly.. although
I've introduced people from all over to Copperpot.

How/when did you hear about that band? My friend and I decided to check out The Sly Caps, in Philly, for the hell of it. We seen 'em on MTV's MADE, and thought it would be cool to go. I had some of their songs downloaded and such. Well Copperpot was the band who went on before them.. and I've loved them ever since.

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[26 Dec 2003|12:22pm]

[ mood | awake ]

yo yo yo, im helping out both street teams. i heard of interference about a month ago (i believe) AT a copperpot show at bergen tech. i heard about copperpot had a folly show in february and they blew me away like insane. oh so talented. both bands are very talented and everyone should have the oppurtunity to hear about them
im christina and im from fair lawn by the way.


I saw you talkin' to Christopher Walken, on my TV screen... [26 Dec 2003|11:56am]

[ mood | groggy ]

Welcome to the Street Team Rocks community. Read the rules, join, and have fun.

I'm Olivia from NJ.

Who are you?
What street team are you on?
How/when did you hear about that band?

Post it as part of your first entry.

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